The République Indépendante de Figuerolles, is 

A warm and welcoming family tradition founded on a solid Constitution, with a minimum of international agreements, the friends of Figuerolles, form a well simmered Governement and represent a past to be opened and discovered.

A Constitution established in 1956 by Igor (the Granddad ) former pilote of the Normandie-Niemen and Tania, his courageous wife…

Art.1: A citizen passport.
Art. 2: A border, the car park and a “no man’s land” based on 87 steps leading to the Republic.
Art.3: An hour of time difference with France.
Art. 4: Drive on the left.
Art. 5: A local currency from August 1st to September 1st, ranked on CAC40, 1 euro = 100g of fresh figs, clean and ant-free (please!).

A family international franchise !!!!

After “Chez Tania” in La Ciotat from 1956 to 1971, “Tania II” in Abidjan from 1971 to 1981, and “Chez Tania” in Marseille from 1971 to 1988, the third generation, Dimitri and Gregori, is proud to introduce these traditions from this “timeless” magical place.

An auto-elected Government

  • President (until the next Putsch!): Grégori Reverchon
  • Prime Minister: Johann SARTRE.
  • Minister of Finance and Paperwork: Valérie Pucci
  • Minister of Transport and Town Planning: Thierry Reverchon
  • Minister of Cooking: Stanislas BEZIAT
  • Minister of Heritage: Tania
  • Minister of Defence and Disarms: Hulck
  • Minister of Tables: Fatou Carcelero
  • Minister of Provisions: Lionel Guichard
  • Minister of Justice (minister of fools): Ania Reverchon (mother and wife, concurrent mandates)
  • Minister of Family and relaxation: Anne-Christine Puigelier (mother and mother, multiple mandates)
  • Ministers of Youth and Sports : Andreï, Vadim and Mila
  • Minister of Culture: Dimitri Reverchon
  • Minister of Plans, in charge of Comets: Ammie Eichenbaum
  • Ministers of Napping and Body restlessness: Kali and the Weasel
  • Minister of the Environment and perpetual movement: Nicolas Crespin


The 19th November 2015, the Figuerolles Government RIF, chose to award posthumous, the Legion of honour (Légion d’Honneur) to Lionel GUICHARD for his action and devotion to the Republic of Figuerolles, RIF, for more than 13 years. RIP.


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Téléphone #2+33 (0)4 42 08 25 94

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GPS Localization  :
43° 10' 2" N, 5° 35' 51" E

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