Hotel - Calanque de Figuerolles

Fifty years ago, at the time of “Igor”, we would have offered you a camp bed under a fig tree. Nowadays, we have water and electricity, but the television and the telephone - even mobile phones - are a comfort which take second place, preferring to hear the sounds of the cicadas singing, the frog chorus and the sea lapping to the shore. If you enjoy the calm, peace, the sea and the sun and prepared to make it down 87 steps with your luggage, you will find what you want in Figuerolles.

The hotel is open 7/7 from April, 5th to November 7th.

Rooms and Prices 2019

To make access to the Creek possible for everyone, we keep our 2 rooms at an historical price of 37€ a night.

The “Blue Room” is intentionally fixed at a low price as we like to encourage our guests to participate in a charitable action and support the national French charity “Action Contre la Faim” (Action Against Hunger). We did not want to raise the price of the room and use some of the money to give to charity. We prefer to keep the price as it is and ask our guests to donate however much they feel comfortable with to charity. All donations however small or large are very much welcome and go to an excellent cause.

During the winter of 2012 we created some fully equipped apartments for families or guests who need more space which start from 135€ per night.

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GPS Localization  :
43° 10' 2" N, 5° 35' 51" E

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